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How to Develop Your Business with Employment Branding 

The brand of your business is important for your marketing strategy. It develops your business by attracting and retaining customers. But do you also promote your brand to current and potential employees? When you do, you create another strand to your marketing strategy that boosts business growth still further.

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The term that captures the notion of promoting your brand to employees is employment branding. However, there’s more to employment branding than simple promotion: You have to think of your employees as assets.

Many business people would agree in theory with this idea of employees as assets; but in reality, some of them also regard employees as costs that they must control. Employment branding doesn’t ignore the cost factor but does give priority to the view that employees are assets that you must develop to increase sales.

Talent Management 

Treating employees as assets is part of the concept of talent management. In other words, you should regard your current and potential employees as people with talents that you need to manage. You may have to develop these abilities with training. Moreover, in a rapidly changing business world, you may have to ensure that your employees adapt and learn new skills. Either way, you manage your employees so that they make the most of themselves and thereby benefit your business.


Of course, employees are only going to respond to such management if they are committed–and you don’t always win such commitment easily. But if you promote your brand successfully to your employees, commitment follows. You then find that your employees are hardworking, innovative, and loyal.

The Marketing of Employment 

The question then becomes: How do you promote your brand to your employees and gain their commitment? One answer is to market the advantages of working for you. For example, you let your employees know that your goal is to build and maintain a workplace that is known for a positive attitude, encouragement, career development, and innovation.

Workplace Qualities 

The qualities of your workplace are at the heart of your employment branding. They vary in line with your industry, but it’s possible to classify workplace qualities in general terms; for example, low employee turnover and a safe, tidy environment. It’s wise not be too dependent on these relatively apparent attributes, though, because they are not necessarily signs of employee commitment. Instead, you have to look at quality issues from your employees’ viewpoints. Better still, you could ask your employees what they think. Very often, the most relevant quality issues for employees are job satisfaction, security, work-life balance, salary, benefits, and being trusted to do a job.

Third-Party Employment Branding 

A critical aspect of making your employees feel that you offer a high-quality workplace is to prove it. A popular way of achieving this is to join a third-party employment-branding scheme. The main advantage of this type of system is that it can provide recognition for your business and even a ranking. For example, your company could achieve a ranking as “A Top 10 Place to Work” within your industry.

Brand Loyalty 


To sum up, employment branding is a useful business development tool. With the right measures in place, you can achieve both customer and employee loyalty to your brand. It’s a combination that your competitors will envy.

Why Full-Time Employment Will Decline (Phlebotomy Salaries Notwithstanding).

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10 Reasons Full-Time Employment Will Continue to Decline

While there are many jobs in the medical field are expected to surge (mainly due to taking care of an aging population), full-time employment is expected to decline overall for the foreseeable future. You may want to consider taking on or starting a part-time job that you can do from home, such as being a freelancer and creating logo designs for less.

Fewer full-time jobs are causing many workers to experience diminished career opportunities. The drop in full-time employment began during the Great Recession. Unfortunately, full-time employment has never fully recovered since the recession ended. This is because the economy is going through dynamic changes–changes that make full-time employees less attractive to employers. Therefore, full-time employment will continue to decline in the future, because many businesses have learned to do more (and be profitable) with fewer workers.

Millions of jobs were lost during the Great Recession. During that time, companies learned how to get by with fewer employees. Unfortunately, during the recovery, companies have avoided hiring full-time employees – instead relying on part-time and temporary employees.

Full-time employees are more expensive because companies have to pay them a full-time salary. Also, a lot of companies offer (costly) benefits to full-time employees. Both of those expenses make hiring full-time workers less attractive to businesses.

Hiring full-time workers is also risky for employers. Most businesses do not like to lay off workers because it causes financial burdens to the terminated employees as well as negative press for the business. Also, some former employees might be able to bring costly legal action if there is evidence the company illegally fired them due to discrimination.

The labor force has not recovered since the Great Recession. Furthermore, many workers are still employed in part-time jobs even though they prefer full-time jobs. Unfortunately, this means there is still a lot of slack in the labor market. Therefore, companies are able to fill many positions with employees willing to work part-time because they can’t find (better) full-time positions.

Declining Labor Union Membership

Labor unions used to offer job security to millions of workers across several industries. However, membership in labor unions is at a historic low, because many states are now right-to-work. Non-union workers have less job security because they have less bargaining power.

Third party hiring agencies now employee millions of (temporary) contract workers. This means that companies no longer have to hire (and pay more for) permanent employees. Also, companies don’t have to offer benefits to contract workers either. Temporary workers are also very easy to terminate – and businesses don’t have to offer temporary employees any severance packages.

Global Forces

Globalization continues to change our workforce, because American workers must now compete with workers from other countries. In fact, the trend in manufacturing (for the past few decades) has been to outsource jobs to countries with cheaper labor. Also, many white-collar jobs are now being outsourced as well.

Technology continues to increase worker productivity – which means companies can produce more with fewer workers. For example, online forms and digital records are replacing many data entry positions. Also, computerized accounting software is eliminating a lot of accounting clerk jobs.

Millions of jobs are at risk of being lost to automation. For example, cashiers, fast food workers and bank tellers are quickly being replaced by computer terminals and machines.

Another recent trend in our economy is that more small businesses are closing than opening. Most American workers (over 70%) are employed by small businesses. Unfortunately, since fewer small businesses are opening, there are fewer full-time job opportunities for workers.

In short, fewer businesses are creating full-time jobs because full-time workers are more costly. First, businesses learned how to get by with fewer workers during the Great Recession – running leaner operations to stay profitable. Secondly, companies don’t want to get stuck paying a full-time salary to a worker that they only need part-time. Also, hiring full-time employees they don’t need often leads to layoffs–layoffs that are unpopular for employers. Finally, productivity gains and automation are replacing the need for many full-time workers.

“Use a Rothys Coupon Code” and More Useful Workplace Advice

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Five Bad Habits To Ditch in the Modern Workplace

You use up the printer ink without replacing it, you wait until someone else makes coffee before you get up to get some, and you refuse to use a sale on flats to save your company money on work shoes.

If you’re making the adjustment to a modern workplace, you may be asked to adjust some of your habits. The times are changing, and some of the things that might have passed a dozen years ago will either get you fired or produce a bad reputation today. Whether you’re old or young, you should shoot to be liked in the workplace. If you can’t achieve that, then it pays to at least be tolerable. Here are five bad habits to lose if you want to succeed in the modern workplace. 

Racist, sexist, or ableist jokes

If jokes about vulnerable groups were ever funny or tolerable in the past, they certainly are not now. There’s no better way to get fired or end up as a viral internet sensation for the wrong reasons than to let loose a flurry of bad jokes. Take these things out of your lexicon if you want to succeed in a modern, progressive workplace. 

Addiction to social media

You might think that because Facebook has a billion users, you can go wild on social media sites while at the workplace. In truth, employers today are more interested in people who can stay away from those temptations. Studies indicate the serious productivity loss suffered by employers because of social media sites. Just because these modern tools exist does not mean you can surf Instagram on your employer’s time. And it should go without saying, but you definitely shouldn’t call in sick because there was a steam sale and you want to stay home and play your new games.

Playing the “lone wolf”

Some employees are more comfortable working on their own. That’s understandable, but it might make you a pariah in your modern workplace. Today’s employers expect their workers to play nice in teams. If you want to play the lone wolf, you might find yourself facing claims that you don’t fit into the culture of your workplace. Even if you prefer to work alone, try to pay lip service to the team-driven atmosphere your boss is trying to create. 

Overdressing for the occasion

Some employees who are used to an old school workplace might try to dress up their existing job. This is a recipe for failure. Some modern employers mean it when they tell their employees to dress casually. Don’t just assume that you can roll into work in a suit and tie when your employer likes golf course casual. The dress code of a workplace is a major building block to that place’s culture. Try to fit in the best you can. While you might be trying to dress to impress, you may have the opposite effect at the end of the day. 

Responding through the wrong medium

If someone sends a question through email, it’s best to respond through email. Don’t assume that you need to place a phone call or make a visit to their office to discuss. In many cases, the person sending the email did so because he or she wanted a record of the conversation. In other instances, they may have wanted to avoid a confrontation. Respond in like kind so that you don’t step on any toes or break any boundaries. 

Going to work in a modern place of employment is a challenge for those who are used to more traditional workplaces. Don’t just assume that your employer will bend to your will. If you want to remain relevant today, you should knock off those bad habits that may be keeping you from advancing up the corporate ladder.

Choosing a Career with an AbeBooks Coupon Code

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Five Fulfilling Careers in Which You Can Make a Difference

The world is ever-changing, and people are more and more concerned with aligning their life’s work with their values. It can be difficult to find an occupation that aligns with your values. But even if you can’t make it to the library or have trouble with google searches, one great way to research rewarding careers is by using an AbeBooks coupon code to 

While it’s still sensible to take whatever job can put food on the table, some people are shooting for more than that, opting for jobs that provide a vehicle through which they can change the world. This is especially true for people concerned with social justice. If you’re driven by terms like equality and fairness, what’s the right career for you? Here are five to consider. If you’re setting up your own business, then you will need a website and you should check out this great domain name offer.

Public defender

Few jobs are better than public defender at putting people on the front lines of the fight for social justice. Public defenders are lawyers who defend people too poor to afford their own criminal lawyers. They can either handle trial work or write appeals for the condemned. The work provides a vehicle through which people can address injustice head-on. 

Community college professor

While people might complain about big university professors sitting in their ivory towers, few will accuse lecturers at community colleges of being elitists. When good people choose to take these jobs, they fill a real need. Many community college students are deprived of an opportunity because they’re taught by less than qualified candidates. Good people who go into these jobs can help shape those who may otherwise not be able to afford to attend a four-year university. 

Patient’s advocate

Hospitals employ patient’s advocates to step in and ensure that the hospital is fulfilling its duties toward all patients. These people develop close relationships with people who are hurting. In some cases, they are able to represent marginalized patients, including the poor and people of color, who may be worried about the level of service they will receive. If done well, this job will allow a person to make a serious difference in the life of a person who truly needs it. 

Digital journalist

Whenever something important happens to shape America’s new racial reality, digital journalists are there to tell the story. They’re on the front lines, filming protests and the rallies of hate groups. Being a digital journalist in the 21st century gives one the power to inform the masses. With the rise of Twitter and other social media tools, even a budding journalist can reach a huge audience with images that tell the story of oppression while rallying Americans around causes that are worth fighting for. 

Clergy member

Pastors are leading the fight in many cities around America, arguing for things like a higher minimum wage and more racial equality. There are programs at many universities offering divinity degrees with a focus in social justice. If you are looking for a job in which you will be guaranteed to interact with needy people while shaping souls, then nothing is better than becoming a member of the clergy. The rise of the progressive Christian movement in the United States affords more opportunities to combine a passion for theology with a desire to see change in terms of social justice. 

In today’s world, following your passions can pay. If you’re in the market for a job that will allow you to change the world, then consider these five. No longer do you have to put off your advocacy until you get home from work. These jobs give you the chance to get paid while you fight for what you believe in.