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How to Develop Your Business with Employment Branding 

The brand of your business is important for your marketing strategy. It develops your business by attracting and retaining customers. But do you also promote your brand to current and potential employees? When you do, you create another strand to your marketing strategy that boosts business growth still further.

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The term that captures the notion of promoting your brand to employees is employment branding. However, there’s more to employment branding than simple promotion: You have to think of your employees as assets.

Many business people would agree in theory with this idea of employees as assets; but in reality, some of them also regard employees as costs that they must control. Employment branding doesn’t ignore the cost factor but does give priority to the view that employees are assets that you must develop to increase sales.

Talent Management 

Treating employees as assets is part of the concept of talent management. In other words, you should regard your current and potential employees as people with talents that you need to manage. You may have to develop these abilities with training. Moreover, in a rapidly changing business world, you may have to ensure that your employees adapt and learn new skills. Either way, you manage your employees so that they make the most of themselves and thereby benefit your business.


Of course, employees are only going to respond to such management if they are committed–and you don’t always win such commitment easily. But if you promote your brand successfully to your employees, commitment follows. You then find that your employees are hardworking, innovative, and loyal.

The Marketing of Employment 

The question then becomes: How do you promote your brand to your employees and gain their commitment? One answer is to market the advantages of working for you. For example, you let your employees know that your goal is to build and maintain a workplace that is known for a positive attitude, encouragement, career development, and innovation.

Workplace Qualities 

The qualities of your workplace are at the heart of your employment branding. They vary in line with your industry, but it’s possible to classify workplace qualities in general terms; for example, low employee turnover and a safe, tidy environment. It’s wise not be too dependent on these relatively apparent attributes, though, because they are not necessarily signs of employee commitment. Instead, you have to look at quality issues from your employees’ viewpoints. Better still, you could ask your employees what they think. Very often, the most relevant quality issues for employees are job satisfaction, security, work-life balance, salary, benefits, and being trusted to do a job.

Third-Party Employment Branding 

A critical aspect of making your employees feel that you offer a high-quality workplace is to prove it. A popular way of achieving this is to join a third-party employment-branding scheme. The main advantage of this type of system is that it can provide recognition for your business and even a ranking. For example, your company could achieve a ranking as “A Top 10 Place to Work” within your industry.

Brand Loyalty 


To sum up, employment branding is a useful business development tool. With the right measures in place, you can achieve both customer and employee loyalty to your brand. It’s a combination that your competitors will envy.